The LA unit leads and manages the legal affairs related to project contracts, startups, and business-related research issues. Duties include legal review of abiding contracts, providing legal consultation services to stakeholders, and developing policies and laws related to research commercialization and innovation.


To provide quality legal advisory and consultancy services to the University by ensuring access and availability with faster responses.


To support the University mission by providing timely and high quality legal services.


  • Creating a strong legal awareness among the University community.
  • Producing drafts of legal documents.
  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with the different legal matters .
  • Ensuring the improvement of the work environment by focusing on the core values of good governance, accountability and transparency.
  • Raising awareness on the risks and trying to avoid the kinds of breaches.
  • Maintaining full compliance with the Saudi lawas, the university rules, regulations and policies.
  • Avoiding mistakes and breaches that could result in significant fines, legal consequences and damage of the University reputation.


  • Provide High quality and timely legal advice to the University.
  • Support research, curricular and commercialization activities by drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of agreements.
  • Provide legal service to the University; such as interpreting laws, rulings and regulations of the university, drafting, reviewing and participating in the preparation of all legal documents and agreements concluded by all the units of the University.
  • Gather relevant information and evidence to write a legal opinion or to recommend a decision on the multiple issues raised to the Unit.
  • Maintain a legal database of the University.
  • Maintain custody of legal documents such as contracts, MoU, statutes, NDO’s etc…
  • Handle complaints raised by faculty members, admin, and students.
  • Keep minutes of investigation committee meetings and protect the confidentiality of investigation.
  • Handle court cases in which the University is a party.
  • Prepare the pleas and defense.


Dr. Emna Chikhaoui


Phone Ext: +966-11-4948035